Closed for business. Thank you to all our loyal customers and we would like to ask you to continue to visit other rooms in the area!

Cryptic Rooms escape games is Pensacola's most original, interactive escape room experience.


Closed For Business


The evolution continues with the arrival of our newest rooms which will make you rethink what escape rooms really are!

Dead Silence has arrived!  This unique and challenging room will force you to communicate with your team differently in order to escape with your lives and possibly save humankind.

Our new Beat the Winky gameshow room is a revolutionary concept which combines a live action game show with traditional escape room puzzles.  We are proud to present the area with this never been done before idea!

Both of these rooms are limited engagements and will only run until July 31st, so don't miss out!









Dead Silence



You are inside a single room, surrounded by creatures outside who hunt humans by the sound of their voices.  When the creatures are near, you must NOT talk or they will hear and you will lose valuable time and possibly your life!  A revolutionary concept room that will test your nerves and communication skills.

Beat the Winky Gameshow

1516404643397 (1).jpg

This one of a kind experience combines a live action game show with some escape room elements!  You are tasked with scoring a point total within one hour to defeat the host Winky.  This is the only room of its kind in the country, come experience the evolution of escape!


"Cryptic Rooms provides a new twist to the escape room industry with more than just puzzles.  It's an immersive and interactive experience that guarantees its players a unique and fantastic time."