Closed for business. Thank you to all our loyal customers and we would like to ask you to continue to visit other rooms in the area!

Cryptic Rooms escape games is Pensacola's most original, interactive escape room experience.

Welcome to Cryptic Rooms....ready to Escape the Boredom Pensacola?  Join us today and experience the latest form of alternative entertainment sweeping the nation!

 Come test your wits in one of our themed rooms where you have one goal, solve challenging puzzles and cryptic clues to progress through a mystery and ultimately, escape the room.  Did we mention that you only have 1 hour to do this?  See if you and your friends or family can beat one of our mind bending rooms.  Whether you escape or not, two things are for sure, you will have a one of a kind experience, and you will easily Escape the Boredom.  Book online now or call with any questions.

All of our rooms and puzzles are 100% original (you won't play our games anywhere else) 

Cryptic Rooms may not be a huge franchise, and that's a good thing.  They're better - Linda Knowles
Great night out!  We all loved the way the owners (Will and Dolota) took care of our group. - Stacy Rimer
These guys have a passion for what they do and it shows.  5 stars all the way. - Bobby Finley
I'd never done an escape room before, so glad i did though.  Great time with my friends and we'll be back. - D. J