Closed for business. Thank you to all our loyal customers and we would like to ask you to continue to visit other rooms in the area!

Cryptic Rooms escape games is Pensacola's most original, interactive escape room experience.


Frequently asked Questions

Are escape rooms scary?

While some rooms do have a heightened tension about them, it really depends on the rooms story line.  Our Maniac room does contain some darker clues and puzzles, but overall it's not too scary...some even consider it humorous.  We try to focus on your overall experience, not scaring you.

Will i be locked in a room?

Not at Cryptic Rooms you won't.  We want to encourage new players to experience our brand of entertainment,so we choose not to lock anyone up ever.  We believe that our rooms are immersive enough and our stories are strong enough that you won't be thinking about doors anyway.