Closed for business. Thank you to all our loyal customers and we would like to ask you to continue to visit other rooms in the area!

Cryptic Rooms escape games is Pensacola's most original, interactive escape room experience.

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Beat The Winky Gameshow

Put yourself and your family and friends directly into a LIVE ACTION GAME SHOW in our Beat the Winky room!  This room combines trivia, games of chance, and many types of puzzles into an experience you won't soon forget!  Your goal is to achieve a point total within one hour to defeat your charismatic host, Winky!  
Because of the live host element of this room there is the possibility of cancellations due to sickness or emergencies with the host.  We will always try our best to ensure this room is open, but just be aware that last minute cancellations could happen.

Dead Silence

Surrounded by creatures who hunt human voices, your goal is to save yourselves and humankind from a tragic ending.  This room has a certain times during the game you will be forced to use your communication skills differently, by NOT talking!  Accept the challenge today and be silent, but hopefully not DEAD SILENT.